13.11 Rearrange multiple columns into a cross-tab


Here below is a data table:


The task is to convert the data to the following form:



1 =‘Sheet1!A1:C19’
2 =create(Meal,Name,Flag)
3 =A1.to(2,).run(~.run( if(~!=null,A2.record([A1(1)(#),~ , “√”]))))
4 =A2.pivot(Name;Meal,Flag)

A2: Create a table sequence having three columns Meal, Name and Flag
A3: Loop through every row starting from row 2 of A1, and then loop through the data sequence of each row; If the sequence member is not empty, insert its corresponding column name and itself into the table sequence of A2 in turn, and set Flag to √
A4: Group A2 by Name to perform row-to-column conversion, with the Meal values as new column names, and Flag as the new column values

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13.10 Convert groups to columns after grouping
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