How to Count Distinct Users in esProc SPL?


Hi everyone,

I am working with esProc SPL and SQL to handle complex data processing tasks. I have a dataset from a weblogs table and I need to count the distinct users who visited specific pages within a certain date range.

userID logDate page
0070e9c1-0815-4151-8f9c-091176d223fc 14/01/2023 blog
00819d78-7688-4fd2-979c-71537abae9c8 21/01/2023 contact
00b3022a-6e4e-44d8-aded-34dd106f0fc9 26/01/2023 faq
00c66ad5-ce83-432b-af2f-2c07b35eb61b 20/01/2023 support
00cd9ca9-c57f-4fe6-80a4-71a49b19506c 29/01/2023 support
01880a65-f040-429e-9a28-99f651b2d6ff 22/01/2023 services
019579a3-4758-4552-97ce-98423f66da22 31/01/2023 products
01ae2eb6-59e6-4a3b-ae86-51ad12529325 04/01/2023 products
01cabbcf-4dab-4773-97b4-04c735f8c782 25/01/2023 terms
01cc5956-5436-47cb-b02c-36c8f9139530 19/01/2023 privacy
021dfab6-de8a-45cc-831b-bf36774fa117 17/01/2023 terms
02289b5a-2d79-4cce-821f-7cbbe8181048 25/01/2023 home

SQL Approach:

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SELECT page, COUNT(DISTINCT userID) AS unique_visitors
FROM weblogs
WHERE logDate BETWEEN '2023-01-01' AND '2023-01-31'
GROUP BY page;

This SQL query filters the logs by date, groups the results by page, and counts the distinct user IDs for each page. I am trying to achieve the same result using esProc SPL.


My current esProc SPL code:

= connect("com.mysql.jdbc.Driver", "jdbc:mysql://")
= A1.query("SELECT * FROM `weblogs`")
= >= date("2023-01-01") && date(logDate) <= date("2023-01-31"))
=; ~.userID.distinct().count():unique_visitors)

However, I’m not sure if this is the correct way to count distinct users for each page. Can someone help me verify or correct this code?


Thanks in advance for your help!