Convert irregular format CSV to standard JSON strings

In the following CSV file, the 3rd column contains irregular-format, JSON string-like values.


Task: Use Java to arrange the CSV file into standard JSON strings.

"header1": "value1",
"header2": "value2",
"header3": "{\"name\":\"John\",\"age\":30,\"car\":null}"
}, {
"header1": "data1",
"header2": "data2",
"header3": "{\"name\":\"Lily\",\"age\":28,\"car\":\"Benz\"}"

SPL code:


json()function switches between a JSON string and a two-dimensional table. import() functions imports the file; @t option imports the first row as field names; @c enables using comma as the separator; @p means that the separator within the parentheses won’t be handled; and @f does not parse field values but treats them as strings, otherwise header3 values will be parsed as two-dimensional tables and as a result the final result won’t contain "" (it’s right to not to contain"" when they are output as a file).

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