esProc SPL Editions and Services


Editions and Trial


Community Edition: Opensource under the Apache 2.0 licence; No installation package is provided; you can download the source code from github and compile.

Standard Edition: The main features are basically the same as the community edition, adding some convenience tools.

Enterprise Edition: Enhanced computing performance and more enterprise features over the standard edition.

For Trial: We will provide trial series number on the download page of the commercial edition(standard edition and enterprise edition) periodically. The trial must use the lastest released version, IDE will be forced to connect to the Internet, and SRV will be forced to stop after running for 48 hours continuously.

Service and Upgrade

Consultation on regular questions is free and open to anyone, remotely on the forum:

Reliability services (timely upgrades, dedicated technical consultation) are provided only for the commercial editions.

The community edition does not guarantee timely upgrade, subject to the official release.

Temporary upgrades (before the new version is officially released) will be provided as jar packages for replacement, download from Download esProc SPL


To purchase commercial editions or obtain a less restricted trial edition, please contact