5 SPL Subject & Routine


Routine parsing

SPL practice: migrate computing tasks out of database
SPL practice: query massive and flexible structured data
SPL Practice: integerization during data dump

Data mining, modeling and prediction in SPL
Real-time storage and count of ultra-multi-point high-frequency time series data

SPL practice: search high-dimensional binary vectors

Data maintenance

SPL practice: data flow during speeding up batch job

Routine for regular and active update of small amounts of data
Routine for regular maintenance of single composite table
Routine for regular maintenance of multi-zone composite table

Technical Subject

Double increment segmentation of SPL
Ordered storage of SPL
One-side partitioning algorithm of SPL
In-memory index of SPL
External storage index of SPL
Full-text index of SPL
Multipurpose traversal of SPL
SPL Program Cursor
SPL Order-based Merge Join
SPL Attached Table
Association location algorithm of SPL
Pre-calculating mechanism of SPL
SPL Pseudo Table Data Type Optimization
SPL Pseudo Table Bi-dimension Ordering Mechanism

Sequence-numberization of SPL
The Positioning Operation and Position Utilization of SPL
SPL Viewing Lambda Syntax
Macros in SPL
Global variable/ Variable/Lock

Association calculation in SPL - In-memory join
Association calculation in SPL - external storage join
New association calculation methods of SPL
SPL time key
Column-wise computing of SPL