2 SPL Cases and solutions


Case Analysis

Performance Optimization

Open-source SPL optimizes bank pre-calculated fixed query to real-time flexible query
Open-source SPL Speeds up Query on Detail Table of Group Insurance by 2000+ Times
Open-source SPL improves bank’s self-service analysis from 5-concurrency to 100-concurrency
Open-source SPL turns pre-association of query on bank mobile account into real-time association
Open-source SPL speeds up batch operating of bank loan agreements by 10+ times
Open-source SPL optimizes batch operating of insurance company from 2 hours to 17 minutes
Open-source SPL speeds up intersection calculation of customer groups in bank user profile by 200+ times
SPL optimizes funnel analysis of e-commerce from more than 3 minutes to 10 seconds

Application Solutions

Efficient Data Analysis Engine
High-performance Batch Job

HPC (2022)
DCM (2022)

High Performance Computing Database
High Performance Batch Running (Batch Computing Task) Solution
High Performance Online Computing Scheme
High Performance Multidimensional Analysis Solution
High Performance Computing Application Scenario

Agile data computing middleware